31 Days of Halloweeny Teeny Tales (Micro-Fiction)

Oh, okay, I see this is gonna be one of those blogs where I make like two posts and then it’s just radio silence for months on end. Cooooool…

Well, in order to spice things up a little bit and because I’m clearly a glutton for punishment, I’ve returned to feed the great CONTENT beast.

I’ve decided to write and post 31 pieces of scary, creepy, weird micro-fiction (aiming to have each piece at around 100 words). To keep things interesting, I pulled 31 nouns from a random word generator to serve as inspiration.

For reference, here are the words I got: juice, fly, mother, authority, base, hearing, curve, debt, air, sneeze, creator, ducks, advertisement, time, lake, grade, fairies, locket, steel, coach, birthday, minister, attack, queen, clover, grain, year, lumber, dust, addition, firemen.

I’m pantsing these every morning/afternoon and trying to limit editing to efforts at getting the word count correct. I’ve already done two pieces (which I’ll be posting shortly) and the 3rd piece should go up momentarily as well.

I hope people dig these and I look forward to seeing what you think.